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There has always been a lot of controversy and prejudice around this issue. Ancient traditions, rules, signs and superstitions are closely intertwined, creating a bright aura of mystery around wedding rings with a subtle, almost magical overtones. Let the discussions about can-should-not wear a wedding ring before marriage do not subside - for the newlyweds they will become a source of information, filtering out which, they can make the best decision for their couple. The editors of  magazine have collected all the most interesting facts in one article to make this task as simple as possible for loving hearts. So is it possible or not to wear wedding rings before marriage , in civil relations and after marriage ? You can find out from this article.


Wearing a ring before marriage is a sign that interprets the possibility of not realizing an event so desired and long-awaited. Why provoke fate and risk personal happiness by putting on your finger a symbol of what is just about to happen?

Many couples are discussing the question: to wear or not to wear an engagement ring before marriage, because the official wedding ceremony can be scheduled for a date far from today, and waiting for several months is too long, and I want to show the world that there is a soul mate. What to do in this case? There is a solution and it is quite simple, joyful and pleasant. An engagement is a ceremony when people confess their love to each other, decide on a wedding, and officially declare their feelings and intention to marry in front of their relatives and friends. The future husband puts an engagement ring on his beloved finger, or the lovers exchange wedding ring - they should be worn before the official registration of marriage and wedding. So, following the laws of logic, before the wedding, the engagement amulet will be kept in a beautiful case, waiting for its legal hour,


The tradition of wearing wedding rings is rooted in ancient Egypt, it is mentioned by the ancient Greeks and Romans. Beautiful legends about jewelry exchanged between lovers have become a part of world history and culture, the basis of the institution of marriage of many peoples on all continents. For thousands of years, the ceremony has not lost its sacred importance and beauty. Nameless - ring - so called the finger for the wedding ring , which was initially simple, but gradually transformed into a piece of precious metal.

Many modern young people often do not accept the well-established age-old traditions and try to bring novelty to the institution of marriage, replacing wedding ring with other symbols of love, loyalty and devotion. These can be paired brooches or bracelets. But, it doesn't matter what culture or religion you belong to, what jewelry will be chosen as amulets - the main thing for a strong family: sincerity and reciprocity of feelings, the ability to accept a loved one and always protect your family. Therefore, everything is simple: the decision to wear or not to wear wedding rings in marriage , make together, thoroughly weighing all the pros and cons.


A marriage without a wedding, aloofness from formalities is the decision of many modern couples. None of the outsiders have the right to influence him. In the same way as whether to wear or not wear a wedding ring in a civil marriage . The absence of seals on documents does not diminish the power of mutual love, obligations and responsibility, therefore, there is no prohibition or permission as such. The decision remains only for the couple who made it.


Divorce or the loss of a loved one are events that you can never prepare for. They leave an indelible mark on the soul, and also rings that were previously symbols of happiness. What to do with them? Will a hand go up to throw them away? Or maybe it's better to put it in a box and hide it away? Or leave it on your finger as a reminder of the past? Perhaps, in order to break the flow of these thoughts and make the right decision, you should listen to your heart, not leave behind the wall of unbelief the age-old wisdom of generations and the opinion of specialists in the field of psychology.

After a divorce, there is no longer a question of a strong family, therefore, there is no need for a ring as a symbol of marriage. No one forbids keeping wedding ring, but the energy of jewelry can carry a negative, accordingly, badly affect the owner and his future. In a new happy life there will be new jewelry - beautiful and valuable, not only in the jewelry context. If the couple managed to remain friends, the ring can be left as a souvenir, but only if this decision does not violate mental comfort.
In the event of the loss of a beloved spouse, many keep and even wear a wedding ring, dressing it on the other hand. If remarriage is not considered, such actions are quite understandable. And when people are young, the severity of the loss, heightened by memories of the past and the contemplation of wedding jewelry, can become a serious obstacle to the opportunity to find happiness again.


It is forbidden to show wedding rings to strangers before the wedding. Why? Perhaps there is a reason for this: you should not provoke unmarried girlfriends into envy - after all, this is the most terrible force, which not every person is able to cope with. If you want to share your joy, show the betrotheds to your parents, but only if they don't mind your wedding.

 Do not let outsiders remove the wedding ring - it is believed that such an action takes loyalty from the couple and divorce is inevitable.When you need to give your wedding ring to another person, remove it yourself and place it on a table or other surface.

Do not let other people try on wedding rings - neither before nor after the wedding. Engagement rings, like any other jewelry, accumulate energy, therefore, putting them on during the ceremony, think only of the good - this will help build a strong and happy family.

Wedding rings are symbolic jewelry . Choosing them, people dream of happiness. These emotions become the first energy that the rings are filled with. Tied by the promise of fidelity, a person will be able to keep his word thanks to love, his filling, light energy, "breathing life" and warmth into precious metal in the form of a perfect circle - endlessly love and happiness. When deciding whether to wear wedding ring, choose only the option in which your couple will be one.


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