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What is actually the difference between wines that are produced organically, bio dynamically or sustainably? And what is vin naturel (natural wine)? We will list it for you. Organic wine Organic farmers do not use fertilizers and chemical pesticides against fungi and pests. The only exceptions to this are sulfur and copper sulfate. Copper is in a mixture of copper sulphate with some lime and water (Bordeaux porridge) that is widely used in both organic and conventional vineyards because it is the only remedy for the stubborn fungus mildew. Sulfur also kills microorganisms that can spoil the wine labels . Sulfur or sulphite binds with oxygen, which prevents the wine from oxidizing. Sulfur also kills microorganisms that can spoil the wine. Wine with sufficient acidity, tannin and alcohol can remain stable with little or even no sulphite (which is rare), provided the grapes are healthy and hygiene in production is optimal. Because of the tannin, this works better with red wine than with w

Physical Therapy Continues In Corona Penadamic with Physiotherapist

After a question from our patients and after consultation with various agencies and parties, we can inform you that you can simply visit our  Physiotherapist   practices. Home treatments are also possible in consultation.Please note that because some of our practices are located in sports centers, some will be temporarily closed due to Coronavirus policy.Please note: this list will be adjusted in the near future. Please keep our website and Facebook page daily for current information. Where the practices are not open, our therapists provide home treatments in consultation. Feel free to call for an appointment.Naturally, the practices are subject to the usual stricter hygiene and safety regulations. For the practices in sports centers, with the exception of IJsselstein and Nieuwegein, a number of conditions apply temporarily that we have drawn up in collaboration with the sports centers It is not allowed to use the fitness equipment. This means that training is not allowed in the sports

Solar roofs provide great advantages:Roof Restoration

The solar Roof Restoration are solar panels made of photovoltaic shingles or tiles.Both allow a home to be transformed into a small power station that meets the building's energy needs or generate an electrical surplus. IMPROVE ARCHITECTURAL INTEGRATION They are perfectly integrated into the architecture of the building, unlike the panels that require the installation of bulky and unsightly metal structures.Without a doubt, this is one of the biggest advantages of solar roofs. ITS DESIGN IS SMART DUAL-USE Solar roofs fulfill a double function, that is to say that in addition to protecting the building from storms of rain, wind, snow or sun, they generate electricity, thus helping to reduce the cost of electrical energy. THEY ARE THE BEST ROOFS. And you will say why are they the best? Well, because they are made of much more resistant materials than those used conventionally.The tempered glass is a material much more resistant to shock than ceramic tiles, concrete or slate plates.

Silicone Wedding Rings

  Wedding rings are jewelry that indicates that a person is a couple.  Putting on such a ring, we take an oath of love and loyalty to a loved one.  But is it always convenient to wear a gold ring without taking it off?  A new invention  - silicone wedding rings have already won the attention of millions of people.  You can buy an inexpensive accessory by placing an order in our online store. Wedding rings for athletes made of silicone have become a real boon.  After all, playing sports in a gold ring is completely inconvenient.  It interferes with the tight grip and constantly rubs the skin.  The jewelry itself is also subject to mechanical damage. Scratching and hitting the barbells and  exercise equipment  , the jewelry is deformed, loses its shine and beauty.  But what about this situation?  Bright elastic ring will make your workout comfortable and fruitful.  It will save you from injury and at the same time will allow you not to part with the symbol of loyalty for a minute. Rubbe

Home automation made available to everyone

Choosing a security system for a home, in most cases we do not even think that the same system can perform elementary tasks to automate our home.Today, more and more attention is paid to home automation solutions, or, as they call it, "smart Home automation ". Endless possibilities - from simple control of lighting, heating or music playback to automatic delivery of food to your home when the refrigerator is empty. And you don't have to be at home to do this - it's all done remotely. This is not science fiction, and it is not just the wealthy or tech geeks who can purchase such solutions. Today it has become available to everyone! You will feel that home automation is not just a convenient thing. It helps to save time, energy and money, thus making your home more comfortable and safe. From household devices to smart home So how did we achieve this? It has come a long way since the early 20th century, when the first household appliances appeared. Today it is no longer

Reasons why the current business accounts method is outdated

The traditional accounting method dates back to 1495 and was designed by an Italian monk. This is still the basis of most business accounts programs, but no longer suits today's entrepreneurs. Below are the 7 reasons why you should no longer work with the traditional accounting method. Business accounts is all about your business You want to know how you are doing. Because only then can you make the right choices and know whether you have enough money in your account to pay your taxes. Yet traditional accounting systems are not made for entrepreneurs, but for accountants. With complex bookings, incomprehensible concepts and unclear reports. The Tax and Customs Administration does not ask much at all You pay your taxes properly and the tax authorities want to know what you based your calculation on. The tax authorities do not ask much of you for this. For companies with a turnover of up to 12 million euros per year (ie for 85% of all companies) simplified accounting is sufficient.


Air conditioning is a system that allows you to modify the temperature of a room or cabin in addition to dehumidifying it . This is a refrigeration system that is generally used to cool the environment at times of the year when these temperatures are very high and hot. This appliance is installed in houses, shops and premises and in most closed spaces with the intention of generating fresh and renewed air. This system offers great comfort in daily life, since the people who acquire it will not have to go through heat.  Many times, people call heating systems air conditioning . This is a mistake , since air conditioning and heating are antagonistic mechanisms, despite the fact that many air conditioning devices bring the option of cooling and heating the place where it is placed  Air conditioning operation The operation of an air conditioner is complex, because several physical and chemical changes take place before the unit can expel cold air. To correctly explain the operation of an a

How to show the value of your work using accounting reports

Knowing how to use accounting reports to help and impress the client is a great advantage of the consultant accountant .I Pablo Rodrigues, can affirm this because I command the first company to be certified as a Diamond level partner of Conta Azul - ContabilizaRio .After the evolution to digital accounting , I started to use the power of numbers to guide my clients' decisions and change the trajectory of their businesses. Today, I’ll share that experience with you and explain how to use and report on accounting to support your customers. The content you will read below is part of the complete Blue Account formation on Value Strategies to use in the crisis, and is available in the online course How to use reports to help and impress your client.Read carefully and learn how to show the value of your work Importance of reporting in accounting Accounting reports are the main  facilitators  in the conversation between accountants and clients. With the  role of the  consultant  accounta