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Five keys to finding a good tenant

When renting a home, there are many doubts that assail the owner when it comes to finding a good tenant . Will you take care of my house? Will I have problems with the neighbors? Will you pay me on time? Will it stay for long? Renting the apartment to a good tenant is essential to ensure a good profitability of the real estate asset , as well as to enjoy a smooth management. In that sense, we understand a good tenant as one who: Pay your rent on time . A matter of solvency for which we will have to require all the necessary financial information. Take care of the home. It must be a person who values order and takes care of the property that has been assigned to him, as if it were his own. Avoid neighborhood problems . Coexistence with the ladder should not be altered. Therefore, the rules should be made clear. In most cases, finding a good tenant is not a matter of luck, but of taking the appropriate steps. Here are some tips for making this decision successful. The first ke

How to Obtain A Construction Certificate?

Managing a work certificate is very simple and practical when all the requirements and parameters established by the entities in charge are met. The responsibility that a person holds when obtaining this document is very essential, since when writing everything that is assumed within the work and all the data of the fees that said document includes When this document is obtained, each technician will assume the part he has done, although the last technician will have to check what has already been built and also take responsibility to some extent for everything. To obtain this certificate it is important to note that each town or city council manages and regulates its way of carrying out the certificate process. It is very important that you get advice both with the legal bases of the ten-year civil liability, and with the municipal authorities which are the ones that verify this certificate It should be noted that the autonomous community or the town in which the work is bei

Stead Cycles Safety Tips: How to ride a bike at night?

Surely you have already heard a hundred times: when driving at night, always bring a good set of lights. However, it is not uncommon to make a few simple mistakes that affect its effectiveness. Here are some tips to help you pedal safely in poor visibility conditions. Use visible lights at least 200 meters This may seem like an exaggeration, but if you consider that an Olympic runner can cover this distance in less than 20 seconds, this means that the driver who travels at high speed will have very little time and distance to react when seeing us. Make sure your lights are charged Before pedaling, check that your batteries have an adequate charge. Do not wait until the charge is completely depleted to change or recharge the battery or lights, as the case may be. Just because your bulb is still flashing does not guarantee that it is of adequate intensity to be seen from a safe distance. Choose your lights according to your needs There are front lights that only have the