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Bathroom Renovation: the complete guide!

When it comes to renovating a house, many people end up leaving the bathroom aside. Because it is an occasional and barely visible environment, other spaces end up giving preference. This situation happens mainly when the budget for the reform is not so high. When needing to choose between the room and the bathroom, many people end up believing that the room deserves more attention, for example. However, there are questions about the Bathroom Renovation that cannot be overlooked. Knowing about them can lead you to deconstruct these concepts, understanding the importance of keeping your bathroom beautiful, modern and with the best possible accessories .When entering a bathroom, you can get an idea of ​​when the house was last renovated. This space is subject to humidity, so your painting - especially the ceiling - wears out faster than other environments.Bathroom remodeling trends are always changing. Each year, new ways of using the space are created by architects and decorators, who

Cloud Smart Home : Controller Equipment

Today, thanks to the rapid development of microelectronics, communication channels, Internet technologies and Artificial Intelligence, the topic of smart homes is becoming more and more relevant. The human home has undergone significant changes since the Stone Age and during the era of Industrial Revolution 4.0 and the Internet of Things, it became comfortable, functional and safe. Solutions are coming to the market that turn an apartment or a country house into complex information systems that can be controlled from anywhere in the world using a smartphone. Moreover, for human-machine interaction, knowledge of programming languages ​​is no longer required - thanks to speech recognition and synthesis algorithms, a person speaks with a smart home in his native language. Some smart home systems currently on the market are a logical development of cloud video surveillance systems, the developers of which have realised the need for a comprehensive solution not only for monitoring, but also

How do I repack an old parquet Floor Sanding?

Parquet rarely depletes its entire life , more often it is simply removed and thrown away when it could still serve after restoration. Sometimes it is not enough to simply polish and re-varnish old parquet, it also needs to be repositioned. This is usually necessary in cases where you need to replace the plywood backing of the parquet, which has become unusable over time, or if you just want to refresh the drawing. In any case, the technology is similar . To begin with, empty the room of all objects - do not rearrange the sofa as you remove the parquet. Then remove the skirting board by removing the nails with pliers, and knock out the strips that are inserted between the extreme parquet floors and the wall, prying with a screwdriver and hitting it with a hammer. In order to dismantle the parquet floors themselves, you will need a chisel. Insert it into the gap between the parquet floor Sanding and the base and gently tap it with a hammer until it separates. Gently fold the hardwood

How to distribute the tillig on the wall

In this article we are going to distribute the g tilli on the wall correctly. Before gluing the ceramic tiles on the wall, I need to properly distribute tiles on the surface, it must be symmetrical and beautiful.Modern ceramic tiles can have quite large dimensions, so any asymmetry in their placement completely spoils the appearance of the new reform. Basic errors: Very often, unskilled bricklayers or people who have decided to do the renovations on their own, allow for a single global mistake: they start laying the  tillig  in the corner of the room.  Cases where the tile wall is completely filled, and no tiles need to be cut, are extremely rare.  Usually I need to cut tile into the very narrow pieces that fill the little hole in the corner. Bricklayer begins gluing the  tillig  on the bedroom door.  In this case, small additional items are seen in a corner, which is located in front of the door.  That is to say, every time when the owner enters this room she sees this ridic

Roof restoration or replacement? 5 things to keep in mind

Does the roof in question look worn?  Has it been leaking?  Is the end of its expected useful life approaching?  Unsure if you can restore or replace it entirely?  Below are five reasons why restoration may be the best option. 1. Restoration costs less A complete Roof restoration can be costly in labor and materials, particularly if the existing roof must first be removed.  Depending on the ceiling system selected, costs average between double or triple the cost of a restoration treatment.  Restoration, on the other hand, requires less labor, equipment, execution time, and materials. 2. Restoration extends roof life Commercial ceilings typically last about 20 years - restoration can add 10 to 15 years of additional life. 3. Restoration is more sustainable Millions of tons of roof waste end up in landfills annually.  Because it allows the existing roof to be reused, Roof restoration is a much greener option.  Plus, it can make the building more energy efficient and

Diamond Engagement Rings : Most High And Low Cost

When it comes to exclusivity, this combination of materials is interesting and beautiful.  This is another inexpensive alternative to elegant engagement rings.  It is made in white gold, with a central H-colored diamond and small sapphires on the sides.  Its price is around € 560. Gold ring and 3 diamonds. The pieces of the Argyor signature are among the most affordable engagement rings because they try to be exclusive but accessible.  And with this particular piece, the objective is achieved, since for less than 400 euros you can buy a gold ring with three 0.11ct SI diamond pieces. White gold ring with solitaire diamond. The prestigious BAUNAT firm has a truly exceptional model, made of white gold and with a round cut diamond, with a purity grade of SI1.  It is made in Antwerp, Belgium, and can be purchased from anywhere in the world, free of VAT for EU countries. Cheap White Gold Engagement Rings : Argyor diamond and white gold ring. If the bride's prefer