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Due to the great demand for courses and requirements in the training of a professional plumber , we created our free digital distance learning platform (EAD) . Aiming to democratize access to quality materials so that more people can train, develop and professionalize, thus achieving better positions in the labor market and better salaries. The  professional plumber  Online Courses is a space for students, entrepreneurs, businessmen and the general public can access these capabilities through free online courses that do not require them to have a specific time, they can be accessed anytime, anywhere.On our platform we offer the free professional plumber and hydraulic fireman course . With this course it is possible to introduce, improve and certify your knowledge on this topic. Our material is very broad and provides an overview on this subject, covering several important topics in this area of ​​study, thus making it possible to be a differential in your curriculum and stand out from


The annual report "Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment 2018", prepared by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) by experts from Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) and the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management (FSFM), reports that in 2017, worldwide investors invested $ 279.8 billion in renewable solar energy (excluding large hydroelectric power plants), of which $ 160.8 billion was invested in solar energy. “The extraordinary surge in solar investment shows how the global energy map is changing and, more importantly, the economic benefits of such a transition,” UNEP chief Eric Solheim writes in a UN press release to the report, adding that these changes are creating new jobs. places with a new quality of work. The solar industry set a record for installed capacity growth in 2017 and added 38% to 2016. The “Sun” dominated in terms of development rates not only in the context of renewable energy sources, but in terms of all sources of generation (see Fig


Can a foreigner obtain a Certificate of Professional Competence of transport training? In order to obtain the Certificate of Professional Competence in road transport training , you must pass an exam organized by the Motor Transport Institute. To take the exam, you must submit to ITS: application for taking the exam for a certificate of professional competence in road transport, a copy of the confirmation of payment for the exam in the amount of PLN 500 and for the issuance of the certificate in the amount of PLN 300 - a total of PLN 800. Additional documents will be required for foreigners. In addition to submitting the application and paying the fee, you must also provide: a declaration of the habitual place of residence referred to in art. 8 sec. 2 of Regulation 1071/2009, a copy of the residence card. How to get a residence card  transport training ? One of the requirements for foreigners interested in obtaining the Certificate of Professional Competence is obtaining a residence ca


The beauty of a motorcycle is that it can be relatively easily “tailored” to suit your needs. To do this, it is enough to throw away the excess (within reason) and install what you need or just want. Today, let's remember some of the things that can make using the bike more comfortable and enjoyable. For convenience, we will group additional equipment and accessories by purpose. Baggage Wardrobe trunks and bags . There are hard and soft. Especially convenient when traveling. The total volume of the side and rear saddlebags of large touring motorbike spares is comparable to the boot volume of some compact small cars. Bags and cases for motorcycles, scooters and ATVs are also available as optional equipment. Tank and steering wheel bags . Designed for small luggage, often required on the road, and valuables. Removable motorcycle bags on the tank can be taken with you, leaving the bike in the parking lot. Luggage nets, passenger helmet belts . In the absence of a passenger, it is con


Properties where this is justified, the inspection of the property begins with an impersonal exploration of sources of information concerning groundwater levels, geological conditions and radon hazards. I work by comparing risk factors and common manifestations. Based on the agreement of the usual manifestations and risk factors, it is evaluated whether the found manifestations are related to the assessed risk. The Building inspections is then carried out to the following extent according to individual technical areas according to the customer's wishes: Technical area A: Statics - static assessment of real estate, assessed about 20 manifestations of current or future failures. Technical area B: Insulation against water - insulation against unwanted water penetration, assessed about 20 manifestations of current or future failures. Technical area C: Heat leaks - unwanted heat leaks from the property, assessed about 10 manifestations of current or future failures and documentation in


Professionalization is the first step for a company to grow. So, as a hotel gains more customers, it needs to make its processes more efficient. In the accommodation sector, it is essential that the hotel system is intelligent, guaranteeing the quality of the service provided to its guests. Responsible for organizing all the information regarding the hotel accommodation , the hotel's reservation system manages the requests, making the referral of guests operational and storing all the data in the company's history. It ensures that reservations are carried out in a transparent and efficient flow, minimizing the occurrence of errors and offering good support to the staff. But do you understand how these systems work? Do you know the advantages and features it offers on a daily basis? Do you know what kind of mistakes it can avoid and how it contributes to good  service  to guests? To clarify these and other doubts, continue reading this post! What is a hotel reservation system? D


Investing in diamonds has been very popular lately, and it's no wonder - their price usually rises by 5-10 percent every year. In 2019, however, it was different and the price of investment diamonds developed as follows: Wholesale prices of polished diamonds fell by 3 to 15 percent, depending on size and color. Gross diamond prices fell by an average of 16 percent. (Source investing news). However, diamonds are a long-term Diamond investment instrument and therefore there is no need to panic if they fail at some point. Investment diamonds are a very, much alternative form of regular appreciation of money , and many beginning investors do not see some of their biggest pitfalls. Investing in diamonds is in many ways similar to investing in gold and other commodities. This investment segment has strict rules and laws that you must know before you start investing. So what are the problems, and why doesn't buying them pay off? … Is a gemstone that is made of the most basic element

Wine labels: good examples of wine label design

When choosing a wine, the design of its wine label plays one of the main roles.  As practice shows, the label is not only informing the buyer about the product, but also a  lever of influence  on his subconsciousness.  It is the attractive look of the label that helps a person make a purchase decision. Wine label design: what to look for In order to interest the buyer with your wine label, you need to take into account several nuances. History The wine label is very small, which means that every element on it must be thought out to the smallest detail.  First of all, decide who you are and what is your story?  If your company has been around for a hundred years, it might be worth  informing the consumer  that you are a brand with a long history, they trust you, which means that buying your products is a good investment.  Conversely, if you are a newly created company, you should focus on youth and adventurism, reaching out to buyers who are looking for something unique and new.  Think


Wedding rings are one of the most popular pieces of jewelry. They are worn even by those who do not wear accessories made of precious metals in everyday life or are limited to a pair of earrings for all occasions. tells how to choose wedding rings  once and for all, so that it is not only beautiful, but also comfortable. WEDDING RINGS: HOW TO CHOOSE METAL JEWELRY Traditionally, wedding rings are made from gold, silver and platinum. Let's consider in more detail the advantages and disadvantages of each material. Silver is softer than gold, so it wears out faster and needs polishing more often. The best option is 925 standard, it combines beauty and strength. But silver jewelry has priority in price, so many people buy white metal wedding rings for a while - before the anniversary celebration, when accessories are changed. Gold is the most common metal for  wedding rings . If you wear jewelry made from a variety of materials, it is likely that a combination of gold (yellow + white,


There has always been a lot of controversy and prejudice around this issue. Ancient traditions, rules, signs and superstitions are closely intertwined, creating a bright aura of mystery around wedding rings with a subtle, almost magical overtones. Let the discussions about can-should-not wear a wedding ring before marriage do not subside - for the newlyweds they will become a source of information, filtering out which, they can make the best decision for their couple. The editors of  magazine have collected all the most interesting facts in one article to make this task as simple as possible for loving hearts. So is it possible or not to wear wedding rings before marriage , in civil relations and after marriage ? You can find out from this article. CAN I WEAR A WEDDING RING BEFORE MARRIAGE? Wearing a ring before marriage is a sign that interprets the possibility of not realizing an event so desired and long-awaited. Why provoke fate and risk personal happiness by putting on your finge


If you've read our other articles, you already know that proper planning is the key to a safe and secure move . Moving an apartment is without a doubt a risky, complex, life-changing project that requires careful organization. Most relocation experts recommend starting your preparations at least 2 months in advance so that you have time to organize all aspects of moving your property. However, you may not always have months (or even weeks!) To plan your move - you may need to leave your current location for days or even hours . In this case, you have no other choice but to order the services of furniture movers   at the last moment and organize an emergency transfer of property. Even so, you can have a successful home moving experience - provided you find experienced and trustworthy movers to help you move. There are two very different reasons why you might need urgent movers: You may have to hurry to leave because of a sudden change in your life - parting with people close to you,