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Tips for air conditioning maintenance

Proper maintenance of the air conditioning guarantees its optimal operation and prolongs the useful life of the equipment, as well as helping to save energy and prevent the accumulation of bad odors and humidity. Cleaning the filter, cleaning the battery in the outdoor unit and checking the refrigerant gas levels are the three basic pillars of air conditioner maintenance. To these should be added one more, protection in times of prolonged downtime, which implies a review and general cleaning of the equipment at the beginning of each season (before summer if we use the machine in cold mode and before winter if we use cold mode hot). Air conditioning maintenance: cleaning the indoor unit Cleaning the indoor unit ensures good maintenance of the air conditioner. The process is quite simple and involves both cleaning the exterior of the split and the filters and drainage of the unit. The objective is to prevent dirt from accumulating inside the machine, hindering its performance, caus

The maintenance of community electrical installations

Now more than ever, the electrical installations of our community of owners become an essential element. All the common spaces almost completely, the services we receive and an endless number of devices, work mainly with electricity. In the same way, it seems that the trend is that the vehicles with which we move daily will also have electricity as a source of energy in the near future. Loading vehicles in car parks will be another challenge for the electrical installations of the communities of owners. Importance of electrical installation For this reason, if the electrical system was already important in our communities, it is increasingly so. If we want to live in comfort and safety, and despite the fact that not all communities still agree on the importance of professional electrical installers and scheduled maintenance from time to time, it will be an increasingly recurring element in the maintenance of our communities. Main problems of electrical installations in