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Concept of FAMILY LAW

We explain what family law is and how it regulates marital and paternal-family relationships. Also, divorce and adoption. What is family law? The right of family or family law is the branch of the civil law that studies the rules and regulations regarding personal relationships and heritage of the whole household. In other words, it is the law applied to the affairs and interests of the family, understood as the nucleus of society. Family law has as its axis the family, marriage and filiation, which are central institutions and processes in the composition of modern societies. This ranges from the legal definition of the family and what are the forms of constitution of the family patrimony, to the types of marital union and the rights enshrined by it. In many respects, family law has to do with duties and obligations that are incoercible, that is, that cannot be forced by the State, and its fulfillment lies in ethics and custom. This branch of law is often handled on that fine

10 Tips for wine beginners

For many of us, wine was divided into white and red. If you are starting your wine adventure, I want to present ten steps to start and move forward, without getting bored, enjoying the journey. Wine is joy, pleasure and fun, but it is also science. Technical aspects are very important for wine professionals, such as winemakers and sommeliers, but you too can prepare and organize your education in a perfect balance between study and entertainment. Science, of course, can also be fun. 1. Write down If you want to learn about the world of wine, I recommend starting with a notebook for your notes, observations, and comments on your tastings and experiences. Not only will they order their new knowledge, but they can also draw, paste photos of the wines or labels and even stain pages with drops of the best wines they taste. And when you visit a vineyard , keep vine leaves as a reminder of the origin of the wine. 2. Find information They don't need to buy every wine book they ca