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Diamond Engagement Rings : Most High And Low Cost

When it comes to exclusivity, this combination of materials is interesting and beautiful. This is another inexpensive alternative to elegant engagement rings. It is made in white gold, with a central H-colored diamond and small sapphires on the sides. Its price is around € 560.

Gold ring and 3 diamonds.

The pieces of the Argyor signature are among the most affordable engagement rings because they try to be exclusive but accessible. And with this particular piece, the objective is achieved, since for less than 400 euros you can buy a gold ring with three 0.11ct SI diamond pieces.

White gold ring with solitaire diamond.
The prestigious BAUNAT firm has a truly exceptional model, made of white gold and with a round cut diamond, with a purity grade of SI1. It is made in Antwerp, Belgium, and can be purchased from anywhere in the world, free of VAT for EU countries.

Cheap White Gold Engagement Rings :

Argyor diamond and white gold ring.

If the bride's preference is white gold, the Argyor house has different alternatives to choose from, such as this diamond model in H color and SI purity. A classic solitaire, redesigned for a modern look, given by the arms that hold the gemstone. The best thing is its price, since it can be obtained for around € 450.

Double diamond engagement ring.

Another of the cheap engagement rings of the Argyor brand, is this model. Made in 18k white gold and with two pieces of high purity round diamond with a certificate of authenticity, modernly held by two arms connected to the center, forming a perfect and original engagement alliance. Its price is around € 270.

White gold solitaire ring with 0.10CT diamond.

This ring belongs to the Argyor house and is characterized by being an exclusive solitaire, with a diamond embedded in a gold circle that totally protects the piece. This model is a piece with modern lines, full of the quality that characterizes the brand, being special for young couples. It can be purchased for around € 410.

Classic cathedral mount ring.

The uniqueness of a cathedral setting makes even the most affordable engagement rings stand out. The BLUE NILE firm features this beautiful and delicate piece, which combines 14k white gold with a luxurious finish and a 4-point cathedral-shaped H-shaped diamond. Its price is about € 450.

Floral halo ring.

The best way to declare love for your girlfriend is with a striking and luxurious BLUE NILE design, but still on a low budget. The floral motif is made up of small round diamonds that complement the center stone and is made of 14k gold.Its price is around € 900, although it is still an economic commitment ring, taking into account the prices that are handled in this sector.

Multi Diamond Engagement Ring.

Made by Argyor in 18k white gold, it has 11 diamonds ordered in SI lane with a total weight of 0.17ct. It is an exclusive piece, beautiful and designed to be different from traditional solitaires. Its price amounts to € 770.

White gold ring with 0.32ct diamonds.

This delicate piece of design follows a classic and timeless pattern. It is extremely elegant and suitable for the taste of ladies who like formal jewelry. It is crafted in 18k white gold and is covered by a central princess cut diamond and 28 round diamonds. Its price stands at € 730.

Cheap Silver Engagement Rings :

Platinum plated silver engagement ring.

Palm Beach Jewelry, offers a ring in sterling silver with platinum plating that can perfectly surprise your partner as if it were a ring of thousands of euros.A good example is this entourage ring with an intertwined hearts design and tiny gemstones. You can find it both in their store and on Amazon for a price of around € 74.

Solitaire Zircon Ring.

This particular model falls out of the pattern of engagement rings, as it does not have a diamond. Although if this is not a problem for you and you are looking for a cheap ring, has this alternative made of 925 silver and zirconia with an elegant design that will surely please your future fiancee. Its price is around € 50.

Silver and Swarovski ring.

The brand offers a luxurious and modern piece despite its extremely low cost. This ring made of 925 sterling silver and Swarovski crystals, will enchant your future fiancee, for its elegance and originality, being one of the cheap engagement diamond rings available in the Spanish market. Also available on Amazon for a price that barely reaches € 30.

Silver ring with 2.1ct inlaid zirconia.

Citerna offers a delicate and certified quality piece, for one of the lowest costs on the market. An alliance to ask for marriage, made of 925 sterling silver and with 21ct of zirconia, in total 11 shiny stones that offer a sensational and luxurious appearance. You can buy it for a cost of less than 30 euros.

Hollow Halo Ring.

Another of the cheap engagement rings, and recommended despite its low price, is the model with a hollow halo from the Daesar brand. It consists of a zircon stone that imitates a round cut diamond and becomes striking thanks to its modern lines. It is made of 925 sterling silver and has a cost of only 50 euros.

Rhodium silver engagement ring with zircons.

The brand has a classic model, delicate, elegant and in good taste, with finishes very similar to the gold and diamond engagement rings. In this case it is 925 sterling silver and zirconia supported on 6 points.Its price ranges between € 30 and € 50 depending on the size, which makes this solitaire a fairly inexpensive alternative for those limited budgets.


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