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The maintenance of community electrical installations

Now more than ever, the electrical installations of our community of owners become an essential element.

All the common spaces almost completely, the services we receive and an endless number of devices, work mainly with electricity.

In the same way, it seems that the trend is that the vehicles with which we move daily will also have electricity as a source of energy in the near future.

electrical safety

Loading vehicles in car parks will be another challenge for the electrical installations of the communities of owners.

Importance of electrical installation

For this reason, if the electrical system was already important in our communities, it is increasingly so.

If we want to live in comfort and safety, and despite the fact that not all communities still agree on the importance of professional electrical installers and scheduled maintenance from time to time, it will be an increasingly recurring element in the maintenance of our communities.

Main problems of electrical installations in the communities

There are different cases and problems in this type of facilities within the communities, mainly depending on the age of the facilities and buildings.

It will be the age of these facilities that will determine which are the priorities or which are the elements that can cause more problems.

Maintaining electricity and lighting in our building guarantees optimal and correct operation, as well as providing the necessary comfort to its owners. Failure to do so brings most of the problems.

The electricity bill in many communities is higher than what is really necessary in the vast majority of cases. Usually there is usually no effective management to reach bill savings.

electrical maintenance

For this reason, it is interesting that an expert company in electricity carries out an audit that reveals the areas for improvement, changes and necessary reforms in the electrical system of our communities of owners.

Benefits of good electrical maintenance in homeowners' communities

Having an effective company for good maintenance in the field of electrical installations can have a number of advantages for a community of owners.

Main benefits

Fire hazard reduction

22% of building fires are due to failures in electrical installations. We can reduce its incidence by carrying out periodic maintenance of the installation and thus prevent possible serious failures.

Most buildings that are between 30 and 40 years old do not comply with the current Low Voltage Regulation (RBT), which can cause overloads, short circuits and, subsequently, a possible fire.

Decrease in power outages

Faults, however minor, can mostly cause power outages. Although many times the cut affects an area larger than our housing block, some of these supply drops originate in our community.

This produces annoyances that affect our comfort or safety, such as inactivity of the elevators, community security cameras out of service, door openers inoperative or manual opening of garage doors.

electrical installations

Voltage rises and falls

It is common to have experienced power surges or dips in their homes. In our community they can also happen, damaging the installed electrical equipment, especially on climbs.

To protect the equipment, it is important to place differentials and that they work correctly. Consult Sunstone Electrical for good advice.

Lower costs for repair or replacement

When the incidents mentioned in the previous points occur, it entails the respective costs to repair the electrical system and the damage it has caused.

The energy expenditure of inefficient systems such as incandescent systems (already withdrawn from the market) or LED systems without a timer or presence control can be reduced with a new installation of energy saving systems.

In addition, these expenses in electrical consumables can be included in a maintenance contract, obtaining better prices and saving a significant percentage on all the elements.

Trust electricity in expert hands

Trusting any professional who can perform electrical work can be very expensive if we do not choose a good supplier carefully. Reforms not completed, with unjustified delays or with deficiencies that are noticeable in inspections are common.

The company that we hire must be approved in electrical work to guarantee a minimum level of professionalism and reliability.

electrical installers

They must provide us with the conditions of service and guarantees in writing. Also know their work processes, because a bad work system (notices to neighbors, security measures) are the source of dangers

Savings on the invoice

But it is not only a process related to the safety of a good installation, its maintenance requires equal or greater importance to prevent problems or failures and, above all, to save on electricity through a system of proximity sensors, low consumption lights, with LED technology (downright for corridors and common areas).


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