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Level 2 Electrician: Installation and maintenance of private electric poles

Hundreds of thousands of Australians prefer to have private power poles on their property for a range of reasons. Some power poles are placed to keep power lines a safe distance from roads, paths, and property, while others may choose to have private power poles for purely cosmetic reasons.

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Regardless of the reason, the installation, maintenance and operation of these utility poles are the responsibility of the owner. While it is always best to hire a professional electrician from Real Electrical Solutions to install and maintain a private pole on your property, it is equally important that homeowners are aware of the latest electrical pole guidelines and recommendations.

Depth of installation of private power pole

All new private poles must be installed so as that the concrete stabilization at a minimum of 300mm below the ground. This is important for two reasons:

  • Increases the stability of your power pole
  • Ensures your pole does not collapse during a power pole inspection

Checking the quality of the pole under the ground is the best way for an inspector to ensure that the power pole has not corroded or deteriorated and that it does not pose a threat to public safety. Inspectors conducting an inspection of the facility pole shall remove the encompassing soil or concrete to a depth of a minimum of 200mm.

Wood, Steel, or Titanium - Which Kind of Private Power Pole Is Better?

If you are considering installing a private power pole on your property, or if there is already one on your premises, it is a good idea to understand the pros and cons of each one to make sure it is installed and maintained correctly.

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Wooden electricity poles

Depending on where the wooden electric poles are located, wooden electric poles have a lifespan of between 15 and 25 years. They are available in a variety of sizes, although the most common sizes range from 8 to 11 meters.

Wooden electric poles look more natural and have a longer life than steel. But because of the dimensions and weight of the poles, work equipment is critical for them to be installed safely on a property. They are prone to termite attack and infestation, and should not be installed in areas where there is groundwater or humidity is above normal levels (such as coastal areas).

Steel Power Poles

Steel electric poles have a useful life of 10-15 years and are generally less expensive to install as they do not require any heavy equipment to install. They are termite proof and, in some cases, can be more attractive than wooden electric poles.

One drawback is that steel electric poles usually reach a maximum height of 7.2 meters. Some power and cable companies (like Telstra) may also have policies that prevent them from climbing private steel poles because they can be rusted or corroded below the surface.

Titan Power Poles

Titan power poles have a lifetime warranty. They are rust, termite, rot and shrub proof. They can be cut to suit specific height requirements and cables can be run internally due to the hollow structure, enhancing safety and security.

The diameter of Titan's power poles is larger, with a diameter of 160mm at the tip of the pole and a diameter of 240mm at rock bottom of the 7.2m pole.

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Keeping your power pole private

After your power pole is installed, it is critical that it be inspected periodically by the owner or a Level 2 professional electrician. Check:

  • Stability: Is the power pole upright or does it appear to be tilted? Is it unstable on the ground?
  • Infestation: Are there any signs of an insect or termite infestation?
  • Surrounding areas: Is your power pole located near trees or other vegetation?

Need help with your private power pole?

Let the Newcastle Level 2 Qualified Electricians at Real Electrical Solutions help you with the installation and maintenance of your steel, wood or titanium power pole! We invite you to call us today for expert advice, power pole inspections, and maintenance advice.


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