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Hollo-Bolt® from Lindapter

Lindapter's Hollo-Bolt installation is done quickly through inserting it into a pre-drilled steel frame and tightened it with a torque wrench. Independent approvals include CE mark, DIBt, TÜV and ICC-ES seismic accreditation

  • Quick and inexpensive installation from one side.
  • For square, rectangular and circular hollow profiles.
  • High resistance to shear and tension.
  • Patented high clamping force design.
  • A range of types of heads for architectural finishes.
  • DIBt, TÜV, CE Mark and ICC-ES seismic approval

The Hollo-Bolt of Lindapter with high holding force Hollo-Bolt are available in two versions; the original standard design for larger size high clamping force (HCF) hollow section general connections for higher strength structural connections.


lindapter hollo-bolt

Hollo-Bolt standard

Typical connection will be made by inserting the hollo-bolt into a pre-drilled holes in the fitting and hollow section. As the bolt head gets tightened, the cone is pulled up by its bolt thread, that will cause the sleeve to expand until it locks the sleeve against the inner wall.

At full torque, a clamping force is established between the fitting and also the steel section to make a secure connection. Once installed, only the head and neck are visible.

Hollo-Bolt HCF

Working closely with structural engineers and steel fabricators, Lindapter identified the need for larger M16 and M20 Hollo-Bolts to have higher clamping force suitable for higher strength structural connections. This led to Lindapter's invention of the High Holding Force (HCF) design, optimized for superior performance.

The HCF mechanism consists of a special rubber washer that is compressed during installation to significantly increase the clamping force between the connecting steel frame, compared to a product of the same size without the mechanism, reducing displacement.

Hollo-bolt holds force hollo-bolt screws that are optimized for structural connections, and its sizes m16 and m20 features a high holding force mechanism.

Hollo-Bolt Safe Workloads Hollo-Bolt is included in the BCSA and SCI Design Guide "Joints in Steel Construction - Simple Connections". Consult this guide to design primary structural connections.


Hollo-bolt resistors with values are used only in designing bolted connections, they're not a standard safe workload.

Why use Hollo-Bolts?

There are lots of effective methods for joining the structural hollow section: hollow to hollow section or any other wall material.

Let's check out a comparison between those traditional methods, their sometimes lesser known drawbacks, and the way something as simple as a Hollo-Bolt can solve it.


Welding is not the most convenient method of joining hollow sections. It often requires a hot work permit and skilled labor to carry it out. For companies that do not have a welder on the permanent full-time roster, this can be time-consuming as they are hired for one-time jobs.

And in addition to the danger of injury, welding also requires a lot of energy and consumables.

A Hollo-Bolt does not require specific technical business skills: installation is done with normal hand tools and precise fastening is achieved by hand.


This technique has previously been the most common way to use physical anchoring as a seamless solution. But through bolts cannot always guarantee a secure connection and that they don't work for larger SHS. The clamping style of traditional through bolts can also warp the SHS.

So why use Hollo-Bolts? Isn't it just another type of through bolt? Yes, and no.

lindapter distributor in Australia

Hollo bolts are a significant development on the through bolt - they feature independently approved safe working loads and also the fastening style distributes pressure more evenly, reducing the possibility of SSH warping.

Supports and straps

Let's face it, it doesn't look any better when the hollow section is held together like this. But aesthetics aside, it takes a long time to secure the SHS with straps and brackets, and keeping it in place while fixing is tricky. Add friction to the equation and the binding could loosen over time.

Hollo-Bolts are available in a range of head types, so you'll be able to integrate them into any architectural design. And they are attached at a single point, eliminating the possibility of multiple fasteners loosening.

Cut access and holes

A tried and true technique. But it has limitations: it is expensive and time consuming, not suitable for structural connections, and negates any architectural benefits of SHS. A Hollo-Bolt eliminates the need to side-cut a slot to access a nut. In this way, the aesthetics of the work are preserved and the work is done much faster and with a stronger grip.

Hollo-Bolt Preparation and Installation Make sure holes are drilled in both fixture and section according to the drilling guide below. Note that the holes are slightly larger than standard bolt through holes to accommodate the sleeve and cone.

For more information or assistance, contact Lindapter technical team for supported project quotes today.


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