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Car Wrapping: Innovative way of advertising your business

Car wrapping is one of the most innovative and requested services on the market, since it implies great benefits to companies and brands that dare to promote their cars, as well as other types of vehicles (vans, trucks and private cars).

If you are the owner of a company, and you do not have a large budget but your goal is to attract new customers, an excellent alternative that can generate a great visual impact is car lettering, there you will see how you can promote and enhance your brand or company.

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The advantages of car wrapping are that you will have a continuous presence in motion of your company, which will generate a great impact and visibility.

Nowadays all types of cars can be labeled, but doing this job for your company's car is the best alternative in advertising you can offer.

There are several options that can be found when labeling using vinyl for cars.

Types of car wrapping

Labeling the car is having a moving image.

This type of work has been characterized as one of the most useful tools that we can have in cars 24 hours a day, since it is a constant advertising that is carried out with the best technology and a variety of digital designs adapted to your needs. and requirements.

In principle, you can virtually see how your car will look with the design of your choice. Once selected, we proceed to the definitive labeling of the car.

The signage has different types of materials; with the highest quality and confidence in the market according to the regulations to be able to label cars, among the various types are:

  • Cut vinyl lettering. This is one of the longest running options on the market, being one of the most traditional. It is perfect for posting messages with informational content and for placing logos. It is characterized by offering good results in durability, although however it has some limitations in terms of design with respect to letters and drawings.
  • Printed Vinyl Sign. This is much more advanced and offers excellent results in its quality, it represents the image in its entirety, since any type of designs and photographs that you want to advertise on your car can be digitally printed.
  • Label on the car windows. In this type, the micro perforated vinyl sign is used, this ensures that the exterior of the car glass has all the color and design you want, leaving full visibility from the inside.
  • Sun protection vinyl sign. Also called tinted windows, their main function is to isolate the interior from heat and light, air conditioning the environment and giving the car greater comfort.

Labeling options

There are several ways to label a car, ranging from full labeling to partial labeling that can only be on the rear, front or half of the car, as well as only labeling the car doors.

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The signs are designed by a specialized team and go according to the needs and demands of the client, they are offered the best options according to their requirements in terms of materials and the labeling method. The car must be prepared to be able to install the vinyls and give it its finish and final detail.

Labeling a car in order to provide the best advertising for a brand or your company requires that it be elaborated in great detail, since the adaptation of the different types of materials must be adjusted to the best techniques to give it the flexibility and precise adherence that is needed. to do a quality job when installing the labeling.

Importance of company car labeling

If you want to publicize your company, a brand, or simply advertise, your car can offer the best communication since it is an excellent advertising medium to publicize your business. It is a mobile advertisement that many people can view.

There are many tours that you can do with the company car within a city or making transfers from one to another.

Labeling can also be done in a fleet for a company, and the main reason we have to do this work on a car is:

  • With the labeling, the advertising you want can be reflected on the car with just one investment, which turns out to be very economical.
  • Labeling is a factor that has a lot of advertising value for your company or business.
  • It is one of the most effective and important tools that a company can have.
  • When you tag the car, you can put in all the necessary contact information so they can locate the business.
  • The labeled car, wherever it is, whether it is parked or traveling, your advertising can be seen by many people, giving an excellent opportunity to know your company.
  • You can use the logo, with colors and shapes to attract the attention of passersby.
  • The labels can be perfectly adapted to the needs of the clients. The important thing is that you present your designs and make the magic of your ideas come true.
  • For effective advertising communication you must enter the data strictly necessary so that they can locate your company. The purpose is simple: labeling will be the most important option to promote your business.

Many successful companies today use this advertising medium. So if you have a company, don't wait any longer to label your cars and thus promote it with the best option in advertising.

The importance of all this lies in the fact that you will effectively reach many people by becoming potential clients for your company, with a good attractive design, colors according to your identity and promoting the necessary characteristics to publicize the company. If you want to know more, contact us at Big Colour today!


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