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We tell you everything you need to know about business coaching

Business coaching is a set of efforts and techniques focused on the human team of a company or organization. It is designed to achieve both efficiency in results and motivation and personal satisfaction of workers, whatever their level.

Coaching is a direct action on the those who are actuality authors and liable for business competitiveness.

business coaching

What are the tools of business coaching?

To achieve its two objectives, business and personal, coaching begins with the selection of people, in particular managers and executives, who are selected not so much for what they know but for what they are. Personality criteria are studied and they are put in a situation to observe properties such as communication skills, skills in the face of pressure or risk, natural leadership skills, teamwork, among others.

Coaching is focused on allowing people to give the best of themselves and that is why it uses training, both in specific skills -such as team management or customer service- and personal development through communication, self-confidence or reduction of emotional stress.

People do not usually stop doing things because we do not know how to do them, but because we do not feel like doing them or because there is some brake that prevents us. That is why the motivation factor is essential to achieve results. Motivation, like faith, moves mountains. Coaching justifies its name (training) here by analyzing the brakes on motivation causing a new situation based on personal and group motivation.

And coaching knows that a team needs an organization in which each one knows and assumes the common objectives; It implies a discipline freely consented to the procedures and norms necessary for the effectiveness of the whole. And since no one fights as much for an organization as when they have contributed to creating it, coaching helps group members to define it, structure it, and start it up.

Coaching is like the group psychologist, it helps members to affirm and structure the personality of the company, but it is never a substitute for it. He is directive in form, but not in substance. It brings methodology and experience, but its purpose is to help the company mature (in the group sense) and disappear after its assistance mission.

Business coaching: making commitments

The results obtained by business coaching processes are remarkable, and almost all of the companies that use it indicate that business performance improves. In addition, coaching is attributed a better acceptance of the changes that are generated. On the other hand, it is considered that business coaching is more effective if it is applied in person (compared to the online modality).

Commitments are made and achieved, based on work on 3 basic principles: conscience, self-belief and responsibility. It is easier to achieve them, with the accompaniment of the coach, who pushes the generation of changes, from the first step of the trained person (or coachee).

There are several types of business coaching, although the most basic and practical classification is the division according to whether it is aimed at a single person (individual) or several (teams). In the second case, the growth of high-performance teams is mainly sought, and for this, communication, trust and cohesion are emphasized.

business coaching

And individual business coaching aims to develop skills, change, or search for strategies.

Objectives of business coaching

Different concrete tools such as experiential coaching, team building, allow to renew the relationships between workers and collaborators, since they focus on the human factor. Here are the top 10 goals:

  1. Encourage support and responsibility.
  2. Improve the quality of the results.
  3. Enhance leadership skills.
  4. Promote changes.
  5. Turn failure into growth.
  6. Transfer the entrepreneurial mindset to the workers.
  7. Take advantage of opportunities.
  8. Overcoming weaknesses.
  9. Use the experience to grow.
  10. Train participants for negotiation.

Once the objectives are listed, it can be understood that the benefits of using business coaching are to take advantage of opportunities, encourage responsibility, improve the quality of work, and others. The business coaching process is usually specified in five steps, namely:

  • Contact, and analysis of the situation.
  • Specification of objectives.
  • What are the obstacles?
  • Establishment of the action plan.
  • Monitoring of the process and evaluation of results.

In general, the coaching tool seeks to achieve the proposed ends using peoples own personal resources; and consequently, the coachee becomes a competitive advantage in himself. In a business world as competitive as the one we have today, coaching is increasingly necessary.


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