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How to Obtain A Construction Certificate?

Managing a work certificate is very simple and practical when all the requirements and parameters established by the entities in charge are met.

The responsibility that a person holds when obtaining this document is very essential, since when writing everything that is assumed within the work and all the data of the fees that said document includes

When this document is obtained, each technician will assume the part he has done, although the last technician will have to check what has already been built and also take responsibility to some extent for everything.

private building certifier

To obtain this certificate it is important to note that each town or city council manages and regulates its way of carrying out the certificate process.

It is very important that you get advice both with the legal bases of the ten-year civil liability, and with the municipal authorities which are the ones that verify this certificate

It should be noted that the autonomous community or the town in which the work is being carried out has its permits and its particularity in terms of permits for the use of land.

Requirements for the Certificate

As we mentioned earlier, each city council manages and demands a series of requirements for this reason, depending on the town and municipality, the requirements may vary.

But the national legal statuses assigned a series of general requirements which must be assigned at the time of processing this document.

It is important to point out that the established documents must be assigned by the professionals who manage and carry out the project of the work, since this certificate will contain useful information

Take notes from the following list that indicates the general requirements to request this important certificate, these are:

  • The primary requirement is that the structure or work must be legally completed
  • Original plans where they indicate information on all the measures of said construction
  • The book of the building, work, house or other construction carried out
  • Project of orders where the information of the work is established
  • In case there is a final plan with modifications to the first one, it must be assigned
  • Certificate of habitability of the directors of the work
  • Complete quotation of the tax units established by the authority of the autonomous community
  • The signature of the construction managers on the documents that link the legal status of the constructions

Important:  The aforementioned requirements are of a general format, depending on the location where the document is requested, the regulations on requirements, management and parameters may vary, although the legal bases are maintained at the national level

private building certification

Steps to follow

It is worth noting that to carry out the legal process of this document, the legal signatures of the professionals will have a cost which will be issued by them.

Its not only occurs in Australia but in most of the countries of the world where it is necessary to request a series of territorial permits to be able to make a building, no matter how small or large.

In order to start using or building on land, it is necessary to carry out a series of procedures, for this the following steps must be followed:

  1. Before starting construction, you must ask for local permits
  2. Once the local permits are granted for construction, it is time to start the work.
  3. When this construction is being completed, the Construction Certificate will have to be processed
  4. Attach all the general requested documents and those requested in the town where the work was carried out
  5. Notify the competent authorities that the documents have already been attached to know the date and place where to deliver them
  6. Consign the signatures that the certificate carries
  7. Pay all processing fees
  8. Wait for responses from the authorities to obtain the certificate (the estimated term is usually not a maximum of 1 month in some locations

Who signs the Construction Certificate?

Once all the necessary documents have been attached and the necessary procedures have been done, the certificate will be delivered and will carry a series of signatures

It must be observed that this certificate is not a document of independent format, since it belongs to the work of construction management and the rector of the execution of said work or construction

The people who must sign this certificate are:

  • The rector or director who made the plans and executed the work
  • The technicians who were part of the building
  • Technicians in the field of facultative management

When the said signatures have been made, the document will have to be verified and approved by the corresponding colleges of architects and engineers of the town, or you can get construction certification from private building certifier.

What is the Construction Certificate?

When we are talking about the Work Certificate we are referring to a document which is in charge of verifying and issuing information to the competent authorities on the completion of a work

It is necessary to have or form a calendar which contains the payment terms that the document may coincide.

building certifier

This certificate plays a very important role based on the legal status for which a work license has been requested when the work or works are completed.

This certificate must be endorsed by the college of architects and the college of technical architects, which certify the legality of the structure made.

The Building Planning Law and the Town Planning Service of the City Council that corresponds to the town are the governing bodies in charge of structuring the facultative direction in each case

Work Certificate Model

Normally these certificates include the fees or an important part of them when making the certificate of work.

The validation of the certificate must correspond to the directors of the work, since each director must have the Certificate of Habitability which will be the identification document that will issue the request for the document.


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