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Despite recurring financial conflicts in world markets, experts from all over the world point out that innovation can become the “lifeline” of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs.

The key for SMEs to successfully overcome market instability lies precisely in innovation.

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“ Companies must innovate to be more efficient in business management and offer strategic solutions aimed at achieving results. For this, they must adopt standards and foster a work environment that breaks with the traditional and encourages the development and implementation of a new business model that strategically manages resources, processes, information, capital and knowledge, "the experts say.

"If we do not innovate, we can put the business management model at risk and we will lose not only competitiveness, but also a great opportunity to be better prepared to face the future."

We are experiencing an important generational change that is transforming the way we do things. We are living a stage of great changes, which affect not only the company itself, but also the reinterpretation of what work means, the way we interact within the company.

I have always said that the crisis that we have suffered and are still immersed in it, is not only a strictly economic crisis, it is a very strong crisis of values. And not only in the workplace, but also in the personal, educational and social fields.

The success of the transformation of traditional companies to companies of the future can be summarized in  5 great keys:

1.- Culture.

2.- The person as an absolute reference.

3.- The contribution of Value.

4.- The Strategy.

5.- The new leadership.

These keys facilitate the emergence of one of the tradies business advisor in organizations,  regardless of their size, of the sector in which they are located, is what we call  Emotional Connectivity.

What do we understand by  Connectivity  applied to the company? What is it? As an  ontological coach , and from my knowledge, CONNECTIVITY can be defined in many ways. Connectivity is an expansive emotional space, a mutual resonance between people. Connectivity is also a reciprocal respect and trust, an interactive learning between people, a magnetic connection; it is listening and being positively influenced and a permanent flow of initiatives, learning and creativity.

"It is vitally important to work on connectivity in companies, because you generate a healthy organization, and only these types of companies can achieve success and generate benefits"

For all these reasons, I reaffirm myself with total conviction in the urgent need to  create a new paradigm in the CULTURE OF ORGANIZATIONS.

Therefore, it is absolutely critical to  foster new competencies to create new leaders  who manage the change of business cultures that are not valid for the new scenarios, and to generate new emerging models of business cultures that adapt to the new scenario.

And, the 4 generic competencies that transform cultures are: People Orientation, Emotional Connectivity, Generators of Change and Critical Thinking and Conversational Agent. Tradies accountants newcastle Competences that require time, training and conviction. These are the 4 Competences that facilitate the generation of trust  in companies, where the people who make it up feel part of it, where uncertainty turns into imagination.

Therefore,  deep learning is needed , a type of learning that requires a serious change in the way of being, to acquire new skills and abilities. In short,  a personal transformation.

Conclusion, we  must begin to build the future, with a new cultural paradigm,  organizations with values :  The Emerging Company,  which demands a new management model, capable of generating trust, commitment, impeccability and high capacity for innovation and creativity. And that is, in my opinion, the roadmap.


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