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Advantages of having your own website

What are the advantages of having your own website?

At this point we all know that there are advantages to having your own website. But there are also many times the case of companies that, even knowing this, are not very clear how this is going to benefit their business. In this article I will try to talk about the generic advantages, without going into more specific projects such as an online store, which deserves an article for itself.

Thanks to the Internet, a potential client can see your company, learn about the product, consider the different services and even formalize a payment without having to go to your office.


  • Increase the return on your advertising investment
  • Generate reciprocal information between your company and your customers
  • Increase the level of sales closure, by providing complete information about the product and/or service
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Advantage 1: brand image

Image is a very important factor for any company, this may be one of the few cases in which size does not really matter? You must give a good image.

It is not necessary to start with an excessively complex web page that requires a large investment, but it is very important that the web page is fully administrable, in this way, we can increase services, add offers or change the images of the web whenever we want.


  1. Currently all companies with a certain relevance have a presence on the Internet. Not having a web space today is a negative factor for your company, gives an old image and reduces credibility
  2. A web page allows your clients to see you as you want them to see you, your image matters more than the actual size of your company.
  3. You can speak clearly and explain your services without having to adjust to a limited space such as a catalog or a paper dossier.
  4. It allows you to give your clients a more comfortable and personal treatment.

Advantage 2: positioning in the Market

Internet is no longer the future. Internet leads is the present. The sooner you are part of it, the sooner you can take advantage of its benefits. This does not mean that you should run, it is better to take 2 more months to start your website than to do it hastily and that it does not help you.

Think carefully about what you want to achieve with your website, and set realistic goals (this is one of the keys to success).

Advantage 3: 24 × 7 service

One great virtue of the Internet is that it allows your business to be open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Even if you are not in your office, potential clients can continue buying, reserving a service or seeing the different possibilities that your business offers.

In addition, thanks to the email linked to your website, both suppliers and customers can send you their questions and you can see it from any computer or your mobile phone.

Advantage 4: advertising

The Internet is not just a means of communication; it is the largest advertising channel that has ever existed. Thanks to the incorporation of multimedia elements (sound, image or video) and the new branches of expansion such as social networks, your company will be able to be seen worldwide and visited by a large number of users.

With print advertising, you only reach a limited number of users and many of them are not even potential customers (think about the savings in print throughout the year).

You can choose to advertise in Google AdWords, in Facebook Ads, in Twitter Ads ... Analyze which channel is best for your business and go!

Advantage 5: new sales possibilities

The traditional sales model is joined by the online sales system. This does not mean that every business can become an online store, but it greatly expands your possibilities.

Advantage 6: communication and savings

Depending on the characteristics of your website, you can:
Publish catalogs with photos of your products or advertise your services, saving high printing and distribution costs.

Adding the price, the payment methods, the characteristics, the available models, reservations ... All this without limitation of space, leaving everything very clear generates confidence.

In the languages you need, because remember that now your company can be seen worldwide. It is not an obligation but a great opportunity.

In this way you can enter foreign markets and expand your business. In the same way, you can get in touch with foreign suppliers and thus start international relations.

Another way to save is to write standard answers to frequently asked questions from your customers on your website. In this way you will save a lot of time answering questions by e-mail or by phone and you will gain in corporate image

Advantage 7: direct contact with your customers

It is essential to maintain direct contact with your customers. You can get to know them better and see their needs and preferences. With this information you will be able to offer them the most appropriate products and/or services.

It is also very important to keep your customers up to date by conducting mailing, newsletter or news campaigns. Thanks to this, customers will know your promotions and news instantly. In this way they will never forget that your company exists and they will be satisfied by receiving the information in a comfortable and simple way.

Another very interesting option is the possibility that your clients or users fill out some kind of questionnaire to know their level of satisfaction. You will be able to know what they think of your company, what they are happy with and what they do not like. With this useful information you can make the changes you consider appropriate to improve your service.

Advantage 8: expand the range of products and/or services

In relation to the previous point, it is important to have a news section on your website to keep your customers up to date on new products and/or services. What products? Those that will be part of the traditional catalog and those of specific dates such as Christmas, Three Kings Day, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day ...

In this way you can easily and comfortably expand your range of products and/or services and delete them whenever you want.

Advantage 9: cost reduction

A web page entails some expenses, but as we have seen in previous points, it can also help us reduce many others and generate more benefits. If we study the cost/benefit ratio, the result is sure to be positive.

I hope this article has solved some of your doubts. And, above all, that it helps you to definitely make the leap to the Internet. We are waiting!


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