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What kind of diamonds cannot match colorless diamonds, even if they are of high transparency and cut quality? Of course, with their fancy “fellow rivals” - colored diamonds: pink, blue, blue, etc. diamonds.

The pink diamond has long been considered the rarest of all colored diamonds. After the opening of the Argyle mine in Australia, the situation changed, and now a pink diamond is a rare stone, but not like, for example, a Pink diamond. It is important to note that the color of both stones is due to small deformations in the crystal lattice.In nature, there is only one pink stone for every 100 thousand diamonds. And of course, pink diamonds are much less common, from which, after cutting, diamonds with a mass of several carats are obtained.

According to the GIA system, colored diamonds are classified according to nine dominant colors:










Professionals distinguish 20 shades of pink with different saturations. The varieties of shades and their intensity can be represented in the form of two scales.


PP - Purple Pink

P - Pink

BP - Brownish Pink

PC - Pink


Very Intense



Champagne Medium

Medium Light


Very Light


Pink diamond are found in just a few mines. The main production of pink diamonds is carried out mainly in India, Africa, Australia and Brazil, currently the most famous source of pink diamonds is northwest Australia. But since the share of all fancy diamonds in the total amount of mined diamonds is only 0.002%, it can be understood that this production is very insignificant, because colored diamonds are extremely rare.

At the mines in Yakutia, diamonds with a pink and purple tint are also found, but, as a rule, the color of the stones is lost during processing.

Due to their rarity and very high price, Pink diamond are usually difficult to find and are known mostly in the privileged circles of the few who can afford to pay for these stones. Despite this, pink diamonds are in great demand and have very high prices. Due to their rarity, natural pink diamonds are almost impossible to find in jewelry stores.


To get prices for Pink diamond, use the contact form or go to our catalog.Pink diamonds are very rare in nature, so their value does not depend on any price lists or price lists. When evaluating a diamond, the carat weight, cut, clarity and color of the diamond are taken into account. When evaluating white diamonds, the price increases depending on the clarity of the stone, while for colored diamonds like pink, the price of the stone will increase the more intense the color of the diamond. For stones of fancy colors, uniformity and color saturation are of great importance. For example, if a pink diamond has a brownish tint, the price of the stone will decrease significantly, and, conversely, if a traditional brown diamond has a pink or orange tint, then such a diamond will cost much more. Because of this, fancy diamonds often have a double name:

There is practically no market for intense Pink diamond, there is no price per se for these stones. There are not many dealers dealing with natural fancy color diamonds, and each of them has customer claims for pink diamonds. If we compare the number of applications and the number of pink diamonds appearing on the market, we can calculate that some customers have been waiting for the ordered diamond for more than a year.

Pink diamonds are up for sale at an invitation-only auction and prices start at over $ 100,000 per carat, with large stones often priced at a million dollars per carat. According to experts, the final cost of a lot for a pink diamond may exceed $ 10 million. One of the world's rarest pink diamonds was auctioned for a record $ 46 million.

The fashion for Pink diamond appeared relatively recently - a little more than twenty years ago, when in 1989 a three-carat pink diamond was sold at the Christie's New York auction for one and a half million dollars. This kicked off the hype about pink diamonds - perhaps due to the deep, intense color of the pink diamond. Until this moment, only light pink specimens were mined and appeared on sale, which did not have that attractive, bright color that made a splash at the Christie's auction.


It is very important to have a certificate when buying natural fancy diamonds. GIA certificates are considered one of the most reliable in terms of determining artificial interference. In the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certificates, in the event of a color change, the "Origin" column will indicate "Treated". Such a record means that this diamond has undergone one or more color-changing procedures.


Pink diamonds are very rare and expensive stones and, therefore, only people who can afford to pay for such a luxurious rarity can afford to buy them. Due to their uniqueness, natural pink diamonds cannot be found in jewelry stores.A ring with a Pink diamond will not only become a very beautiful and exclusive piece of jewelry, it will undoubtedly become a very good investment. pink diamond ring pink diamond ring pink diamond ring


Pink diamonds are completely unique precious minerals. Pink diamond are so specific that many of the laws of the market for ordinary diamonds do not work for them, so their prices are very high and do not obey any laws and price lists. Color quality plays the most important role in determining the price. Not all pink diamonds mined in the mines are selected for trading, but only the most elegant of the annual production. All colored diamonds must be cut according to different rules.

There is no market for Pink diamond, they cannot be bought in the store. There is no price per se for pink diamonds. They can only be bought at auction or through the few dealers that deal with natural fancy color diamonds. Each of these dealers has customer requests for pink diamonds. Based on the number of applications and the number of pink diamonds appearing on the market, on average each customer should expect their order within a year.


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