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Wine labels: good examples of wine label design

When choosing a wine, the design of its wine label plays one of the main roles. As practice shows, the label is not only informing the buyer about the product, but also a lever of influence on his subconsciousness. It is the attractive look of the label that helps a person make a purchase decision.

Wine label design: what to look for

In order to interest the buyer with your wine label, you need to take into account several nuances.


The wine label is very small, which means that every element on it must be thought out to the smallest detail. First of all, decide who you are and what is your story? If your company has been around for a hundred years, it might be worth informing the consumer that you are a brand with a long history, they trust you, which means that buying your products is a good investment. Conversely, if you are a newly created company, you should focus on youth and adventurism, reaching out to buyers who are looking for something unique and new. Think about a label that tells your story in just a few sentences .

Once you have a clear understanding of the history of the company, as well as its target audience, you can proceed to the development of the label design.

Wine is sold in bottles of standard colors: red - in dark green containers to avoid sunlight and prevent oxidation, and white - in transparent or light green bottles. Therefore, the first thing to look for when choosing a label shade is the color of the bottle in which the wine will be sold.

Red wine bottles usually have dark wine labels or white labels with rich text colors (dark red, blue or gold). Labels for white wines, most often in lighter shades.

Of course, every year the "canons" can change and be violated. Recently, designers have not been afraid to experiment, play with color schemes , combining bright hues, contrasting colors, etc.

Serif fonts and small letters are often used to emphasize brand history. Modern companies, on the other hand, prefer fancy sans-serif fonts with large spacing between words. Often they do not focus on the entire name of the company, but highlight only one letter or logo, make it larger in order to attract the attention of people.

There are 2 styles used on labels: bold modern and classic minimalistic. It is worth developing a style taking into account the type of wine, brand characteristics and target audience.

Having chosen a style, it is worth thinking about the images that will be placed on the label. Most often this is an image of a vineyard or estate where grapes are grown. With an attractive design, only a small logo or symbol can be placed on the label. And now designers are completely abandoning photos or pictures, relying on large print.

wine label
Those who like experiments use completely unusual images in their design, for example, cartoon characters. The main thing is that this template fits into the overall brand concept.

Back Wine label

On the back of the bottle, important information about the product is usually placed : composition, manufacturer, storage conditions, etc. But you can also add interesting facts about the history of the vineyards, various tips for tasting or combining wine label with food. If this information does not fit on the label, it can be transferred to the packaging. The packaging design should overlap with the label design , so you should try to choose a packaging for alcohol that reflects the entire concept of the brand.

Post-printing processing

To create a more unique look, designers use post-press. The most common options that guarantee the most beautiful labels are foil stamping and die-cutting . These methods will help to distinguish the product on the shelf and move away from the standard rectangular label shape.


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