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Professionalization is the first step for a company to grow. So, as a hotel gains more customers, it needs to make its processes more efficient. In the accommodation sector, it is essential that the hotel system is intelligent, guaranteeing the quality of the service provided to its guests.

Responsible for organizing all the information regarding the hotel accommodation, the hotel's reservation system manages the requests, making the referral of guests operational and storing all the data in the company's history. It ensures that reservations are carried out in a transparent and efficient flow, minimizing the occurrence of errors and offering good support to the staff.

But do you understand how these systems work? Do you know the advantages and features it offers on a daily basis? Do you know what kind of mistakes it can avoid and how it contributes to good  service  to guests? To clarify these and other doubts, continue reading this post!

What is a hotel reservation system?

Designed to organize demands and reservations, reservation systems are software and programs that integrate multiple functions. It can be used both by the reception staff and by the guests themselves and be made available directly on the hotel's website.

Integrated with other automation systems, the software becomes indispensable for the efficiency of the processes within the hotel, offering greater comfort to customers and practicality for employees. The system lets you see the registration data, the availability of rooms, the payment status, among other important information.

For the guest, the system is extremely versatile and can be accessed from computers, smartphones or tablets. For all this mobility, it is possible to make a reservation anywhere or anytime and share data with corporate teams, family members and tourist groups.

How does a hotel reservation system work?

In order to make the online reservation available to its customers, the hotel must have a website equipped with booking mechanisms. They are connected directly to the company's database via the internet and allow the user to obtain information about the availability of rooms in real time. When the hotel has this system, the consumer has the opportunity to view all the information he needs to make a decision: the types of rooms, photos of the hotel accommodation, the features offered and the amounts charged in the period in which he wishes.

The completion of the process is with payment, for which the customer can use his credit card. In addition, he receives a booking confirmation by email and can present it at the hotel reception as soon as he arrives.

A hotel system can be synchronized not only with the website. It can be made available through social networks, such as Facebook, or be integrated with a smartphone application. Thus, the chances of publicizing your establishment and attracting customers becomes much greater.

Reservation Map

It allows the manager to view the occupancy of the rooms, avoiding having more reservations than he is able to handle. The hotel system displays the occupied, reserved or pre-booked spaces, without mistakes and inconvenience. It also allows greater mobility in changes, making substitutions intelligently, without hindering the progress of the hotel's tasks.

Accommodation status

The manager has an exact notion of the situation in each room at that moment. It is possible to know, for example, if it is available or busy, guiding the allocation of new guests. The program also warns about cleaning, in case of demand or completion. Notifications for room situations with overdue nights and other delays can be programmed.

If the room is occupied, the manager has access to important information about the stay, such as the vacancy forecast, being able to better monitor the flow of customers and foreseeing situations clearly.

Reservation control

Making a complete list of information, the system organizes which are the valid reservations, hierarchized according to the date of entry of each guest. The control is more  transparent and has better access, and the user can choose hotel accommodation the information to be consulted, in addition to exporting spreadsheets and records.

Pre-booking form

Many guests arrive at the hotel tired, and all they don't want is to wait in a long line at the reception. The check-in process can be streamlined when the customer preforms a form on the website. However, as this is a pre-booking, hotel staff must contact the guest to confirm payment and book the room definitively.


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