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Properties where this is justified, the inspection of the property begins with an impersonal exploration of sources of information concerning groundwater levels, geological conditions and radon hazards.

I work by comparing risk factors and common manifestations. Based on the agreement of the usual manifestations and risk factors, it is evaluated whether the found manifestations are related to the assessed risk. The Building inspections is then carried out to the following extent according to individual technical areas according to the customer's wishes:

Technical area A: Statics - static assessment of real estate, assessed about 20 manifestations of current or future failures.

Technical area B: Insulation against water - insulation against unwanted water penetration, assessed about 20 manifestations of current or future failures.

Technical area C: Heat leaks - unwanted heat leaks from the property, assessed about 10 manifestations of current or future failures and documentation indicating the energy performance of the building.

Technical area D: Floor and wall surfaces - surfaces of floors, walls, ceilings, facades ... assessed about 20 manifestations of current or future failures.

Technical area E: Technical equipment of real estate - distribution of electricity, electrical appliances, water supply, gas, sewerage, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, fixtures in the bathroom and toilet ... assessed about 25 manifestations of current or future failures.

Technical area F: Health safety of housing / healthy living - undesirable risks threatening health and hygiene, risks of mold, ventilation, air exchange, lighting, sun exposure, asbestos, formaldehyde and hazardous materials in real estate ... assessed about 20 manifestations of current or future disorders.

Technical area G: Safety of real estate in the use of Building inspections and fire safety - safety and protection of human health, hygienic safety in the use of real estate, safety of movement of people around the real estate, fire safety of real estate ... assessed about 20 manifestations of current or future failures.

Technical area H: Sound, noise, acoustics - excessive sound and noise and protection against it, acoustic conditions of the property ... assessed about 10 manifestations of current or future disturbances.The customer can choose from the above offer of technical areas those areas that are needed for him or he can choose as the subject of inspection all offered technical areas.

Negotiator about the price of the property on the part of the buyer in a real estate transaction when buying a property, I will help you negotiate the purchase price of the property. I will inspect the property you intend to purchase. The Building inspections is carried out in full (with an estimate of the costs necessary to restore the property to the correct technical condition) and in all technical areas (A to H). I will evaluate the visible manifestations of faults and disorders. I will evaluate the risks of potential disorders, which do not yet manifest themselves and may manifest themselves in adverse effects in the future.

I will make a well-founded estimate of the costs of eliminating the manifestations of disorders, current disorders and potential disorders. I will express these costs in the amount of . As part of a real estate transaction, I will reduce the original first offered purchase price by negotiating the purchase price. This will save the buyer. The condition is that the initial purchase price for negotiating a real estate transaction must be the first purchase price offered to the buyer by the seller or his agent. The inspector, what would the price negotiator, determine the tactics of price negotiation.

Remuneration for service  in without VAT: the basic fee for the inspector is from  9,000.00 depending on the size and type of the property + a commission of 30% of the savings achieved from the first offered purchase price of the property.

The output can be an oral consultation on site during the Building inspections, a written concept for the elimination of defects, a written expert opinion, a project for the elimination of defects. Among other things, the output documents defects and faults, solves the causes of the problem, the method and technology of eliminating problems and defects.

In general, the exact prices depend on the type and size of the object. The price does not include transport costs. The exact price is part of a specific offer. Tours can be arranged by appointment during the weekend.


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