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If you've read our other articles, you already know that proper planning is the key to a safe and secure move . Moving an apartment is without a doubt a risky, complex, life-changing project that requires careful organization. Most relocation experts recommend starting your preparations at least 2 months in advance so that you have time to organize all aspects of moving your property.

However, you may not always have months (or even weeks!) To plan your move - you may need to leave your current location for days or even hours . In this case, you have no other choice but to order the services of furniture movers  at the last moment and organize an emergency transfer of property.

Even so, you can have a successful home moving experience - provided you find experienced and trustworthy movers to help you move.

There are two very different reasons why you might need urgent movers:

You may have to hurry to leave because of a sudden change in your life - parting with people close to you, getting a job in another city, which you need to start in two days, etc.You may need movers to move the same day because the other movers did not show up at the appointed time.Depending on the specific circumstances in your case, of course, everything may be different. But anyway, the problem is that you still need furniture movers urgently . Read on to find out how to find a reliable last minute moving company and save you money and hassle.

Decide on a list of things to move

If your move was planned in advance, you would sort out your belongings and create an inventory of the items you intend to move to a new location.

However, if you are faced with an emergency move, you still have to decide which items to take with you to your new home and which ones to leave. This is the first thing to do when preparing for a last-minute move, as you need to know the amount of cargo being transported when you contact carriers and request a quote for emergency movers.

You have to make a quick decision - you don't have time to think. Just go through your property and make a list of the items that you need to transport today, everything else needs to be left. Keep in mind that the fewer things you choose to take with you, the cheaper and easier the move will be.

To quickly get rid of unnecessary items (everything you haven't used in over a year), you can:

post a message on Avito (or on other similar sites) or on Vkontakte (or other social networks), letting you know that you are giving away things for free (or at a very low price) and describing the items and your location;

call your friends and ask them to come and pick up those of your unwanted things that they need;

donate unwanted items to a local charity;

call the shipping company and ask them to dispose of what is left.

Bonus tip: take a photo of the items you are about to send to your new home - you may not have enough time for a detailed inventory, so the photos will remind you exactly what you have entrusted the furniture movers and will serve as proof in the event that some of your belongings are lost or damaged during the move.

How to find reliable movers on the day of moving

Once you know for sure you're ready to move, it's time to find an efficient way to move your belongings to your new home.

Many shipping companies have the resources and the ability to efficiently pack, load your belongings onto the van for transport and drop off at a new address, within your time constraints. However, not all movers are the same, so you need to be very careful and choose a reliable and experienced carrier to hire.

Look for movers nearby who can provide emergency moving services today. To do this, you can use the search on Google maps. Not all moving companies can take on a rush order to move furniture - most are booked a few days in advance and do not have vans or furniture movers to meet your last minute moving needs. Therefore, it would be a good idea, instead of calling by phone, to fill out online application forms for moving on different sites - in half an hour several different performers will contact you, and you will have more chances to quickly find a moving service on the same day.

Explore those who are willing to provide you with moving services . You will not have time for thorough research, but you can very quickly find important information about the companies:

Check their details on the site through an Internet search to make sure that they are really who they say they are,Read the reviews left by previous clients of the companies to find out if the movers provide quality service or not. Read our article How to recognize fake moving reviews ,read especially carefully about furniture movers complaints and browse the database of reputable consumer protection sites to check the history of complaints from companies you are interested in.

Look for:

Legitimacy and honesty - there are many scammers who will want to take advantage of your situation, so you must be sure that you are dealing with properly licensed and officially registered shipping specialists who will readily provide you with all the information you need and provide you with complete and understandable documentation;

Speed, efficiency and safety - you need movers who will not only work quickly, but also take care of your belongings and keep them safe. This comes with proper preparation, a wealth of experience and genuine concern for your move;

Affordability - you need to find a shipping company that offers high quality services at a reasonable price. Keep in mind that the hourly payment for moving services on the same day can vary from 1,000 to 4,000 rubles per hour for a car with loaders.

Find out rates from three or four moving companies that suit your needs and requirements.

Ask the manager how long they have been in the business, what kind of liability coverage they provide, if they have the appropriate equipment and an experienced mooring team available at the time of your move, what they consider to be additional services and how much they charge for them, what payment methods they accept, and any other questions you may have regarding the transport company and the details of your move.

Compare offers and make your choice - consider not only the final price, but also the included services and additional conditions. Be wary of rates that are significantly lower than the rest - often offers that are too good to be true are signs of scam and people end up paying more than the amounts originally quoted. Read our article How fraudsters work in cargo transportation .

Confirm the details of your move with the transport company of your choice - confirm not only the arrival time of the furniture movers at your home, but also the size of the truck that you need, how many people will arrive, what equipment they will bring with them, what additional services will be required, how long the move will take etc.

Bonus tip: When hiring an emergency moving service, make sure you are choosing full service movers - there is a lot of work to be done and time will be short, so a full serviced move is your best bet in this situation. It is also a good idea to pack your items professionally - packing is extremely time consuming and requires a lot of time and extra care, as the safety of your property depends on it.

If you cannot find full-service movers to meet all your needs, try to provide at least partial relocation assistance.


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