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Wedding rings are one of the most popular pieces of jewelry. They are worn even by those who do not wear accessories made of precious metals in everyday life or are limited to a pair of earrings for all occasions. tells how to choose wedding rings  once and for all, so that it is not only beautiful, but also comfortable.


Traditionally, wedding rings are made from gold, silver and platinum. Let's consider in more detail the advantages and disadvantages of each material. Silver is softer than gold, so it wears out faster and needs polishing more often. The best option is 925 standard, it combines beauty and strength. But silver jewelry has priority in price, so many people buy white metal wedding rings for a while - before the anniversary celebration, when accessories are changed.

Gold is the most common metal for wedding rings. If you wear jewelry made from a variety of materials, it is likely that a combination of gold (yellow + white, red + white) will suit you. The standard fineness is 585. The 750-carat ring contains more gold in its composition, so it is impractical for everyday wear.

Platinum is the most practical but also the most expensive choice. Metal is difficult to process, so rings are often made in the form of classic smooth rims. But there is no need to renew the rhodium plating, as is the case with white gold and silver. Platinum does not turn yellow over time. Note that if the ring needs to be resized, this can also be difficult.

Ceramic rings are affordable and stylish. But this is a specific material for wedding decoration. It quickly becomes covered with scratches and chips. There are options in tungsten, titanium and precious woods. Original wedding rings always look bright, but the price for such jewelry creations is appropriate.


The preferences of the couple, their style and tastes are important here, because in order not to want to take off the ring, it is necessary that young people like it. Classic models are good for their versatility. In addition, this is a tribute to traditions and superstitions, because according to many signs, the rings should be smooth, then life will be cloudless and happy. Classics are always in vogue, and the cost of such models is much lower: there are no additional treatments - less labor costs.

But in our time, couples do not pay attention to superstitions and choose products with inserts or interesting processing. Any models that go beyond the classical concept are considered original. In the  catalog, take a look at such wedding rings:

  • in a combined color;
  • with enamel;
  • made of silver;
  • with blackening;
  • with engraving;
  • diamond cut;
  • from ceramics;
  • gold-plated models;
  • with Slavic symbols;
  • with bright accents;
  • in the form of an openwork pattern.

Wedding rings with cubic are popular - they have an affordable price and exquisite design. It can be inlaid in the form of individual miniature stones or a ring-track made of white gold or red metal. Decorated models are often unpaired. Of course, there are many options with a single design, but the tastes of the future spouses do not always coincide 100%. As a rule, men choose stricter models, while women choose complex ones. Try on the jewelry several times and imagine how you will wear it in everyday life. Pay attention to whether it clings to clothing, whether it causes inconvenience.


The most common technique is polishing jewelry to make a wedding rings shine. This is a classic and popular option, but there are other surface treatments:

Diamond cut in the form of curly notches that create a stunning play of light.

Engraving can be applied to the outside or inside of the jewelry in the form of a beautiful quote, wedding date or the names of lovers.Matting gives the jewelry a soft shine and a certain roughness.Types of matting technology:

  • hard brushing with noticeable deep scratches, abrasions;
  • rough (brushed) with the effect of rough metal brushing;
  • sandy granular texture is obtained by sandblasting with quartz particles;
  • embossing - a type of finish in the form of a relief matte pattern;
  • satin gives the ring a stylish dull effect without rough processing;
  • laser matting involves processing the top layer of the metal.

Matte rings look stylish, while being practical to wear: the surface does not lose its attractiveness over time and most often does not need polishing.


Design is not only design and materials, but also width, shape. It is worth choosing one or another width based on the length and thickness of the finger:  

  • narrow and long fingers - wide and narrow products;
  • large fingers - rings of medium width;
  • the ideal width for medium toes is 2 to 6 mm;
  • the optimal width for men is from 4 to 8 mm.

The size of the joint should also be considered. It is important that the ring does not “ride” along the phalanx, but passes along the bone. If the joint is wider than the phalanx, wide models are an excellent option.


The cut shape of the hoop is essential for comfort in everyday wear. By profile, wedding rings are divided into several types:

  • round or oval inside and out, this profile is also called comfort fit;
  • convex or concave;
  • flat on the inside and / or outside.

Rings with a round shape "donut" are a classic. But people with chubby fingers are not always comfortable in such models. And stylists do not advise girls and guys with short fingers to wear jewelry in the shape of a barrel. Read more on how to choose the size of your jewelry.


If the soul asks for rings with inserts, it is worth knowing a thing or two about fasteners. Usually, diamonds are used for wedding rings, or their replacement is cubic 

Blind bartack. If there is a large stone, a special notch is made in the ring, which covers the insert from all sides. This is another very reliable mounting option.Prongs. The stone is held by special paws. In this case, the insert can be viewed from almost all sides. Pave. Suitable for small stones. Holes are drilled in the metal into which stones are "planted".

 The most important and effective advice: try on wedding rings before buying and do not immediately dwell on one option. Perhaps you will like a wedding jewelry made of combined gold with cubic . The slightest little thing can change your opinion on such an important issue, so take your time and patience, consider the maximum number of options that suit your taste. Don't put off choosing your wedding rings until the last moment! Before the celebration itself, it is better to enjoy each other and slowly think over all the moments of your ideal wedding . Start looking for jewelry right now in the  catalog.


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