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Can a foreigner obtain a Certificate of Professional Competence of transport training?

In order to obtain the Certificate of Professional Competence in road transport training, you must pass an exam organized by the Motor Transport Institute. To take the exam, you must submit to ITS:

  • application for taking the exam for a certificate of professional competence in road transport,
  • a copy of the confirmation of payment for the exam in the amount of PLN 500 and for the issuance of the certificate in the amount of PLN 300 - a total of PLN 800.

Additional documents will be required for foreigners. In addition to submitting the application and paying the fee, you must also provide:

  • a declaration of the habitual place of residence referred to in art. 8 sec. 2 of Regulation 1071/2009,
  • a copy of the residence card.

How to get a residence card transport training?

One of the requirements for foreigners interested in obtaining the Certificate of Professional Competence is obtaining a residence card. You can apply for such a card after obtaining a permanent or temporary residence permit. What's the difference? Just look at the definition: according to Art. 25 of the Population Register Act, " permanent residence is residence in a specific locality at a specified address with the intention of permanent residence", while "temporary stay is staying without the intention of changing the place of permanent residence in another location at a specified address or in the same locality, but at a different address" .

An application for a temporary residence permit should be submitted in person, not later than on the last day of legal stay in transport training, to the voivode competent for the foreigner's place of stay. If a complete application for a temporary residence permit has been submitted during the foreigner's legal stay, the voivode places a stamp in the passport which confirms the submission of the application. The stay of a foreigner is considered legal from the date of submitting the application to the date on which the decision on granting a temporary residence permit is made. However, affixing the stamp to the passport does not entitle you to travel within the territory of other Schengen countries, while the stamp allows you to travel directly to your country of origin. 

If the foreigner comes from a visa-required country, a visa is required, to be able to return to Poland. The waiting time for a decision on a residence permit results from the provisions of the Code of Administrative Procedure and the Act on foreigners and depends on the individual circumstances of the case. The Voivode issues a decision granting a temporary residence permit to a foreigner not earlier than 1 month from the date of initiation of the procedure, because it will be necessary to analyze the evidence and obtain information about the foreigner from such authorities as the Border Guard, Provincial Police Headquarters or the Internal Security Agency. In practice, obtaining such a permit, depending on the voivodeship office, may take from 3 to as much as 18 months. This is due to the large number of proceedings in foreigners' cases conducted by the Voivode. A temporary residence permit is issued for the period of expected employment, from 3 months to 3 years. It is also possible to apply for further permits. At the time of submitting the application, a fee of PLN 440 must be paid.

On the basis of the obtained temporary residence permit, the foreigner receives a residence card, i.e. a document confirming the identity of the foreigner during his stay in Poland. The residence card also entitles you to multiple border crossings without the obligation to show a visa. An application for a card should be submitted in person at the seat of the Department of Foreigners at ul. transport training 3/5 in Warsaw. The residence card is issued within one month from the receipt of the complete set of necessary documents. The fee for issuing a residence card is PLN 50.

Can I have an interpreter during the exam?

The state exam required to obtain the Certificate of Professional Competence in road transport  takes place at the Motor Transport Institute transport training, which recommends taking the exam to people who are fluent in Polish. The regulations do not prohibit the use of a sworn translator during the exam. As of today, ITS rejects applications for the use of an interpreter, as it may disturb other people taking the exam. However, each case is considered individually and you need to contact ITS personally.

Can a foreigner apply for an exemption from part of the exam?

Motor Transport Institute provides for the possibility of exemption from part or all of the exam on the basis of art. 38a of the Road Transport Act. In order to obtain a certificate of professional competence in road transport using the above-mentioned facilities, in addition to submitting the application and paying the fee, it is also necessary to submit to ITS a declaration on the scope of issues covered by the study program and a diploma of higher education by the Candidate together with a diploma supplement or other document confirming the program studies. A postgraduate certificate can also be provided. If an exemption from the entire exam is obtained, we do not pay the exam fee (PLN 500) - then we pay only PLN 300 for the certificate. If there is a waiver of part of the exam, the exam fee in the amount of PLN 500 should be reduced by PLN 50 for each recognized module from which the candidate is exempted. Foreign diplomas are not recognized by ITS. In order for a foreigner to apply for an exemption from writing the exam, he must graduate from a transport training.

How to prepare for the exam of transport training?

The transport training center conducts preparation courses for passing the examination for the Professional Competence Certificate of a Road Carrier. Lectures are conducted only in Polish. During the classes, you can learn about problem solving schemes useful in the state exam. The center also provides access to a database of questions with comments. After the training, there is an internal exam for willing people, thanks to which you can feel like you are taking a state exam and check your knowledge of the Polish language under time pressure.


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