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The beauty of a motorcycle is that it can be relatively easily “tailored” to suit your needs. To do this, it is enough to throw away the excess (within reason) and install what you need or just want. Today, let's remember some of the things that can make using the bike more comfortable and enjoyable. For convenience, we will group additional equipment and accessories by purpose.


Wardrobe trunks and bags . There are hard and soft. Especially convenient when traveling. The total volume of the side and rear saddlebags of large touring motorbike spares is comparable to the boot volume of some compact small cars. Bags and cases for motorcycles, scooters and ATVs are also available as optional equipment.

Tank and steering wheel bags . Designed for small luggage, often required on the road, and valuables. Removable motorcycle bags on the tank can be taken with you, leaving the bike in the parking lot.

Luggage nets, passenger helmet belts . In the absence of a passenger, it is convenient to fasten his helmet with a luggage net or special belts. It is dangerous to carry the helmet on your hand! With the help of the net, it is easy and convenient to fasten any normal size luggage.

Alarms, immobilizers and radio beacons . They recognize the attempted theft and inform the owner about it, block the engine, transmit information about the location of the stolen vehicle. Modern bike models are compact and discreet, with a high level of dust / moisture protection.

Anti-theft chains and locks . Provide security mechanically. Locking mechanisms of devices from well-known manufacturers have high cryptographic resistance.

Electronics and electrical

Navigators . Facilitate orientation in big cities and in unfamiliar terrain. Models for motorcycles are distinguished by high-quality protection against moisture and dust, have high autonomy (low power consumption and high-capacity batteries).

Video recorders . Inappropriate behavior on the road by car drivers and pedestrians, as well as low visibility of the motorbike spares in traffic are common causes of road accidents. In such cases, you may need to prove your case. Motorcycle recorders are more compact than automotive recorders and are better protected from the weather.

Additional light . Required, as a rule, only in travel and sports. The only exceptions are, perhaps, only bikes with poor standard light - it is better to install additional headlights on them.


Heated steering wheel, steering wheel protection . The heated grips will be especially appreciated by lovers of skiing in late autumn and early spring. Complete with steering wheel protection (removes headwinds from the hands), heating prevents joint diseases caused by hypothermia. Protection is also required in sports and for frequent cross-country travel where there is a risk of hand injury.

Folding levers . The stock levers are often damaged when the bike falls. Foldable models eliminate this disadvantage. Most often they are bought by fans of stunt riding, owners of cross-country bikes and pit bikes.

Motorcycle covers . Protects the vehicle from rain and dust, and partially reduces paint fading and UV cracking of the seat material. Used when storing the bike in the open air and when it is preserved (parked) before winter.

Phone holders . They securely fix your mobile device in sight, allowing you to control it and use some functions on the road.Of course, the above list of useful goods for motorbike spares is far from complete. But, perhaps, he will remind you of the things that are the right time to buy this season. 

If motorists visit service stations to diagnose a vehicle relatively regularly, then the majority of domestic motorcyclists are used to relying on their own strength. In such a situation, it is useful to be able to assess the state of the details "by eye". There are certain rules and tricks to help you do this more correctly. Chains, spark plugs, stars and brakes require inspection and replacement the most often, so we'll talk about them further.


The drive chain takes up significant loads, as a result of which it stretches over time. Untimely replacement can cause damaged drive sprockets, as well as chain rupture (punctured crankcase, damaged plastic and a possible accident).

Components of normal quality with not too active driving serve, as a rule, at least ten thousand kilometers. On powerful bikes, aggressive drivers "eat" them right before our eyes.

If the chain looks normal (taut) but feels loose at the back of the driven sprocket (try pulling the link with your fingers) or is loose, change it. Otherwise, only a few links transmit the torque to the drive wheel at any given moment, while normally their number is several times greater.

This may seem illogical, but in addition to noticeable sagging of the chain, its stretching can also be indicated by the state and nature of wear on the stars. The links of a worn chain are not able to slide normally along the teeth (shock loads occur), as a result of which the latter wear out. In this regard, the step also increases, the rollers do not fit into the holes, but, as it were, slide along the tops of the teeth. Tightening and further operation without replacement is fraught with rupture.The chain is motorbike spares an inexpensive part, so it is better to replace it in advance than risk your health and life.

Bad chain kills stars, bad stars don't walk normally with good chain. Make sure that both parts are as good as new, then you will have to buy them less often.

With visual diagnostics of stars, everything is relatively simple: the shape of their teeth differs markedly from the teeth of a nova. Loosened tops of the teeth, a large production of holes, too sharp or broken teeth indicate that it is time to replace.

It may be necessary to remove the chain guard to inspect the sprockets. To check the condition of all teeth without removing the chain - slowly turn the rear wheel suspended in the air.


The appearance of the candles indicates not only their own condition, but also the condition of the engine, as well as the quality of the fuel that enters it. It will be useful for every motorcyclist to know the features of diagnostics by the appearance of candles. In this case, attention should be paid to the presence, color and structure of carbon deposits, as well as to any mechanical damage.

There may be cases of failure of the candles, which look quite normal. For example, over time, the spark plug insulator begins to pass current, which leads to a violation of sparking. In this regard, manufacturers recommend changing the spark plugs after every 20-30 thousand km. mileage.

Brakes (pads and discs)

Brakes are the main component of a motorcycle. You can pay too high a price for trying to save money on timely replacement of brake pads and discs. Determining when to replace these parts on a bike is easier than on a car - fortunately, access to them is easier.

Many pad models use wear indicators and indicators. The former allow you to determine the degree of wear visually (when inspecting parts), while the latter (the so-called "squeaks" and sensors connected to the vehicle's on-board computer) will let you know about the necessary replacement with a characteristic sound when braking or a corresponding message on the dashboard.

If during the inspection you notice that the thickness of the friction pads of the brake pads is significantly less than that of a new one, get ready for replacement. It is better not to bring the situation to the point where 1-2 mm of the friction layer remains on the metal base.

The degree of wear of brake discs is determined by measuring their residual thickness in the contact area with the brake pads. The resulting value must be compared with the manufacturer's requirements (tolerances). If there is mechanical damage,motorbike spares  the pads and discs also need to be replaced. The rules for checking drum brakes are the same as for disc brakes. The only difference is the need to disassemble the assembly. 


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