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Home automation made available to everyone

Choosing a security system for a home, in most cases we do not even think that the same system can perform elementary tasks to automate our home.Today, more and more attention is paid to home automation solutions, or, as they call it, "smart Home automation". Endless possibilities - from simple control of lighting, heating or music playback to automatic delivery of food to your home when the refrigerator is empty. And you don't have to be at home to do this - it's all done remotely.

This is not science fiction, and it is not just the wealthy or tech geeks who can purchase such solutions. Today it has become available to everyone! You will feel that home automation is not just a convenient thing. It helps to save time, energy and money, thus making your home more comfortable and safe.
Choosing a security system for a home, in most cases we do not even think that the same system can perform elementary tasks to automate

From household devices to smart home

So how did we achieve this? It has come a long way since the early 20th century, when the first household appliances appeared. Today it is no longer possible to imagine a house without a washing machine, microwave oven or even a refrigerator! We take all of these things for granted, as well as any improvements to our living conditions, such as central heating or air conditioning. But we still have to manage all this manually - and this is where automation comes to the rescue.

Despite the low use of practical solutions, the very idea of ​​Home automation appeared long ago. The concept was unveiled at the New York World's Fair back in 1930, and the public was delighted with the idea. But we had to wait for the 50s and 60s of the twentieth century, until the idea was put into practice, and then only with the advent of two main technologies - the first computers and the Internet.During the 1980s, automation technologies found their application in everyday use by people in everyday life - automation for gates, security systems for the home, light control devices, etc. appeared. Since then, in 1984, the term "smart house " .
Choosing a security system for a home, in most cases we do not even think that the same system can perform elementary tasks to automate

Technologies merge and become available

In the late 90s and early 2000s, the popularity of home automation increased significantly. Manufacturers saw the potential of this large market and began offering affordable solutions.The next important step was the development of Home automation networks, as well as their closest "relative" - ​​the "Internet of Things" (English "Internet of Things"). From now on, it has become possible to combine all automated devices into one network and manage them centrally, from one PC, ideally via a Wi-Fi network. Add to all this the rapid development of smartphones, and as a result, homeowners can manage their property at any time, from anywhere in the world.


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