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Air conditioning is a system that allows you to modify the temperature of a room or cabin in addition to dehumidifying it . This is a refrigeration system that is generally used to cool the environment at times of the year when these temperatures are very high and hot.This appliance is installed in houses, shops and premises and in most closed spaces with the intention of generating fresh and renewed air. This system offers great comfort in daily life, since the people who acquire it will not have to go through heat. Many times, people call heating systems air conditioning. This is a mistake , since air conditioning and heating are antagonistic mechanisms, despite the fact that many air conditioning devices bring the option of cooling and heating the place where it is placed 
Air conditioning operation
The operation of an air conditioner is complex, because several physical and chemical changes take place before the unit can expel cold air. To correctly explain the operation of an air conditioner, it must first be explained what happens in its outdoor unit, since it is in this unit where the cooling process begins. In the outdoor unit of an air conditioning there is the compression motor , which is in charge of compressing the gas, the first step in the operation of an air conditioner. When this gas is compressed by said engine, it turns to a liquid state and its temperature increases significantly.

After this, the gas is pushed into the condenser, which is the radiator in the outside machine. It is in this part of the process that the sub-cooling task begins  , which consists of stealing all the heat from this liquid gas that has just arrived. This is the reason why outdoor units of air conditioners blow hot air. When we remove the heat from liquid gas, it partially begins to turn into a gaseous state , but not completely. In this way, what reaches the expansion valve is a mixture of gas in liquid and gaseous state . Once in this valve, the operation is the same as that of a spray deodorant: there is a liquid inside the bottle and, when we press, the liquid becomes gas and comes out at a cold temperature.

Thus, the  expansion valve  produces a pressure drop in the refrigerant, which causes the pressure to decrease and, therefore, the liquid gas becomes a gaseous state and its temperature decreases even more After passing through the expansion valve, this air, which already has a lower pressure and temperature, passes to the evaporator found in the indoor unit of our air conditioning. In this indoor unit, the air comes out into the room, cooling and, at the same time, removing heat from the refrigerant gas, which is in the indoor unit.
Thus, the heat that we remove from the air in the room with the gas is absorbed by the compressor, so that it can serve to cool the gas that returns to the outdoor unit. The repetition of this process is what achieves that the air conditioner can lower the temperature of the room or the place where it is, until it reaches the temperature that has been marked on the knob that controls the device. A confusion that many people have about the operation of an air conditioning is to think that the air that it expels will come out at the temperature that is marked on the knob that controls it . On the contrary, the degrees marked on the remote tell the air when to stop reducing the room temperature .

That is, if a temperature of 20 ÂșC is marked on the control of an air conditioning, the air will expel cold air until it detects that the room is at that temperature. Once the temperature marked on the control is reached, the air will stop, until this temperature varies, at which point it will start up again. In order for an air conditioner to detect the temperature of the room it is in, it will have to have a thermostatic probe. This component is in charge of ordering the air conditioning to stop at the correct temperature. Said part is located near the filters of the internal air conditioning unit.

The central air conditioning system has its outdoor unit outside the house and its indoor unit is usually placed in the bathroom. This place is chosen because it is where it can least disturb, since it does not aesthetically affect any other room.To install this type of air it is necessary to have a  false ceiling , since the indoor unit will be connected to a series of ducts that will run through the entire house through said false ceiling. Through these ducts, fresh air will travel to cool all rooms.


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